Introducing our new Surf Intern: Matt!

YES! We have a new surf intern. An awesome and great looking surf dude, all the way from Australia! In this blog he will introduce himself.

Cheers, I am Matt and I am born and raised in NAROOMA, NSW, Australia. I grew up in a little surf town, and basically I was raised with surfing. I am a plumber by trade and spend most of my time working and surfing around the world!

Currently I am residing here in Montañita, and taking the roll in the school as the surf intern/coach at Montañita Spanish School.

My Spanish is not so great which is another reason I am here, now I can surf every day and learn Spanish at the school!  Doing this will help me with achieving my dreams of surfing through Central and South America.

I have been working at the school for one week now, and I am very impressed with the rapid progression and the enthusiast that our students have been showing rapidly on a day to day basis.

During surfing lessons I always tell the students to relax. Everyone can and is able to surf!

Hope to see y’all soon!

Best rooftop party in Montañita: Montañita Skyline

“WHAT A FANTIASTIC EVENT” A few times a year, Montañita Spanish School organizes the coolest rooftop party from Montañita, it is one of our lively events: Montañita Skyline

One of the reasons why you probably choose to go to Montañita is because of the great weather. However, have you really been enjoying it? Are you just studying Spanish or are you surfing all day? Take a moment for yourself and enjoy it with all of your friends! You deserve it to treat yourself to a luxury evening. That is why the Montañita skyline party is so amazing!

Among the stars, the students of Montañita Spanish school are able to enjoy different types of cocktails and snacks made by our lovely interns.  But most importantly for the people who love rooftops, are the view and the atmosphere. The view from the rooftop is just incredible breathtaking. You can see the whole of Montañita, and stare at the sea. Do you already see some dolphins passing by?

When you are lucky, and on time, you will be able to enjoy the impressive sunset while sipping on a cocktail, which makes the whole event even more magical!

Imagine that we not even added this event to the 7 reasons why to study at Montañita Spanish school. When studying Spanish in Montañita there will be so many more surprises you could never hope for!

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7 Reasons to learn Spanish at Montañita Spanish School

  1. Location

Everyone who has travelled in Ecuador will tell you to go to Montañita. Montañita is a save place, and you are at the beach within a few steps! Furthermore, there are so many beautiful places to discover in and around Montañita. For example, the most beautiful beach in Ecuador: Los Frailes!  Not to forget, the school offers incredible views of the sea. If you are lucky you will even spot humpback whales during class!

  1. Culture

The people in Montañita are enormous friendly and always willing to help! An advantage is that the people here do not speak English. Therefore, if you want to talk with the inhabitants of Montañita, your Spanish will improve incredibly quick!

  1. Surf

Montañita is famous for surfing. Because Montañita Spanish School offers surfing classes for everyone, you will be a pro before you know it! During this classes, you will be guided by an experienced surf instructor. Maybe you will even spot dolphins during class!


  1. Yoga and salsa

Do you feel after surfing like doing some yoga? Then I definitely recommend joining yoga at the rooftop of our school. It is a perfect opportunity to have a moment for yourself. During the class, you will be able to enjoy the stunning sunsets Montañita has to offer.


  1. Animals

Do you love dogs or cats? Yes? You are in the perfect place! There are a lot of cute street dogs and cats around Montañita. Probably they are even more cute and sweet than an average dog or cat in your own home country.. I mean… look at the eyes of this kitten!


  1. Activities

This might be one of the biggest favorites of students. The interns of Montañita Spanish School are organizing a lot of activities! Rooftop parties with an incredible sunset, volleyball at the beach, chocolate nights, swimming pool activities and so on! You will never feel bored and meet a lot of people!

  1. One big family

Yes, you are meeting a lot of people. That is why when you are studying at Montañita Spanish school, you are part of one big family!


Warning: keep in mind that you will probably stay longer in Montañita. This is officially proven by a lot of our students.

A guide to Playa Los Frailes, the most beautiful beach in Ecuador

Ecuador, a country where you can climb a glacier mountain one day, hike through incredible forests the other day and end up at the beach. Ecuador is a country with  a marvelous diversity and definitely worth travelling.

Los Frailes is the nicest beach on the western coast of South America and located in Machalilla National Park. Take your time, go for a hike instead of a tuk-tuk and enjoy the cliffs high above the ocean, the turquiose water and the white beaches. It is simply breathtaking. In order to avoid the heat, it is reccomended to leave in the early morning.  With the bus from Montan᷉ita it will take around 1 hours and it is incredibely cheap!


During the walk you will pass different beaches. And one thing is for sure: they are all worth the hike! Playa Prieta is a cove home to hunderds of crabs.  At the shore you will see loads of little balls of sand as the crabs feed. The view of the beach is just stunning, and wants you to go in the water and have a swim to cool down. However, don’t swim at this beach as there is a strong undercurrent which will take you out to the sea!  The name of Playa de Tortuguita will make you assume that you might see turtles. But these turtles won’t let themselves see if they are there.  However, the white sandy beach makes sure you won’t miss them!

The route will end at Los Frailes, and you will realize why this is one of the most beatiful beaches. Now it is time to swim, relax and enjoy your day!


Things you should know about Los Frailes:

  • Free entrance!!
  • Take a lot of sunscreen, there is no shade
  • You can hire parasols for 4 dollars a day
  • Bring a lot of water
  • The park shuts at 4pm. Find a tuk-tuk to leave in time: 1 dollar per person
  • Visit on a weekday when possible. The beach might be crowded in weekends.

The most amazing surf class!

animals-731327_960_720“WOOOOOW! We had the most amazing surf class today! The waves were nearly perfect for us beginners and everyone was catching waves.”

While studying Spanish at Montanita Spanish School, it is also possible to have surf classes. Everyday groups of students are catching the amazing waves Montanita has to offer. one of our students continues to tell his incredible experience:

“At one point, the waves slowed down and the ten of us were sitting in a line waiting for the next set to come in. I was at the end of the line admiring the storm clouds rolling in, when all of a sudden two fins popped up no more than 5 meters away from me. For a split second I thought.. SHARKS!.. But when I saw them dive straight down under me I started yelling DOLPHINS!! Then all at once, a pod of 40+ dolphins began surfacing behind them, all headed straight for me and the line of surfers next to me. It was as if they came down the line of humans just to high five us! Absolutely surreal! As they passed by me just out of arm reach, I tried to look for them underwater, but the storm made the water too dark for me to see without a mask. So I turned around an surfed the waves.. with the pod of dolphins.”

You never know what is going to happen during a surf class. Nature does what it wants, and takes care of the most incredible experiences you can’t buy!




Carnival in Montanita


Carnival is an ENORMOUS celebration in Montanita. The streets are PACKED with people, music, booze, foam and water fights. Complete craziness! Especially Foam is flying around everywhere and everyone goes as loose as possible.

When thinking of Carnival in South America, we think of the famous parade in Rio de Janeiro. However, Carnaval in Ecuador is not quite the same.

Carnival in Ecuador is about throwing any liquid that you can imagine. This can be from water to oil to the unimaginable! Sometimes people top off the water with flower to make it a big mess. The good thing is: in Montanita people just throw with water and Carioca, which is foam in different colours. Because of the problems with for example car oil, there are television announcements which tells people to play nice

When you are not an Ecuadorian, you are a special target during Carnival! So, if you want to avoid the craziness in Montanita, you should lay low for a few days until the storm passes over

The last years carnival is changing more into the Brazilian one. It is starting to look more like the Brazilian carnival parade. However, The traditions of throwing water and partying will stay the main focus of Carnival!

The beauty of sunsets in Montanita

It is a cloudy day in Montanita, and when looking through some photos, I discover that there are a lot of sunset photos. I love sunsets, and I think We all do have a special feeling when looking at the warm colors of a sunset. The awe effect of watching sunsets gives you a special feeling of satisfaction.


It doesn’t matter with who you are watching the sunset. With a group of friends or just with your partner, the sunsets in Montanita are just incredible. Often a group from the cabanas is going to the beach to watch the sunset and have dinner at the beach. When it is still too early to have dinner we will play some volleyball or go surfing.

Interesting is that studies have shown that watching a sunset boosts your well-being, increases generosity and improve your life satisfaction! There is no better way to end a long day of studying Spanish!