Introducing our new Surf Intern: Matt!

YES! We have a new surf intern. An awesome and great looking surf dude, all the way from Australia! In this blog he will introduce himself.

Cheers, I am Matt and I am born and raised in NAROOMA, NSW, Australia. I grew up in a little surf town, and basically I was raised with surfing. I am a plumber by trade and spend most of my time working and surfing around the world!

Currently I am residing here in Montañita, and taking the roll in the school as the surf intern/coach at Montañita Spanish School.

My Spanish is not so great which is another reason I am here, now I can surf every day and learn Spanish at the school!  Doing this will help me with achieving my dreams of surfing through Central and South America.

I have been working at the school for one week now, and I am very impressed with the rapid progression and the enthusiast that our students have been showing rapidly on a day to day basis.

During surfing lessons I always tell the students to relax. Everyone can and is able to surf!

Hope to see y’all soon!


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Hola! We are Montanita Spanish School, we are surfing perfect waves, mastering Espanol, drinking cocktails down "cocktail alley", volunteering and partying until dawn at Cana Grill! Get inspired and live the montanita life!

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