Beards and hair of Montañita

Something is going on in Montañita. When guys stay longer, a change happens. Most people arrive here with a good haircut, completely shaved (it is too hot for a beard anyway… right?) and ready to surf! YIHAAA!

But once they get here, they realize that the girls find a surf dude with a full head of hair super attractive. Maybe that is what our (previous) interns thought as well during their stay in Montañita.

Yep, they are definitely a couple of the new surf guys in Montañita. Participating in Movember will not be a too big of an issue for them.

However, at one point, some of them come to the conclusion that it is not possible to live like this anymore. Especially when working at the school, it is important to look presentable. At this point they realize that it is time for typical Ecuadorian hairstyle number 2. For just 5 dollars you can get this awesome hairstyle:


Yep, our current intern looks hot again! And the beard? That will probably stay until he is back home again.

Which hairstyle do you like better?



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Hola! We are Montanita Spanish School, we are surfing perfect waves, mastering Espanol, drinking cocktails down "cocktail alley", volunteering and partying until dawn at Cana Grill! Get inspired and live the montanita life!

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