Life as a student from Montañita Spanish School

What is going on in the mind of a traveller that is already away from home for 4 years?  Claire, a girl from Australia and a student who has been here for 8 weeks tells her story.


I spend my time exploring, writing, reading, cooking, eating, seeking newness, and questioning everything. I like to learn, do yoga, and dance all night. I’m bad at sleeping and saving money, unless it’s for travel. Until this year, I spoke only english. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing and a dive licence. I miss my food processor and Vegemite toast.

For the last four years, London played home as a base from which I could explore Europe in quick nibbles and learn to grit my teeth against the wild joys of living in a big messy city. I loved and resented every wet, wonderful day.


A few months ago, that burning desire for change (sunshine) crept in, so I quit my job, sold everything, and booked myself a place at MSS. Now I rarely wear shoes and I speak Spanish every day, and Montanita is everything I could have hoped.

Exploring the world is my first love, and consumes my time and disposable income. Ecuador has presented a wholesome balance of beautiful rainforest, curling beach breaks, sunshine, yoga, Spanish, and sweaty, seedy all-night parties. I’ve loved living here and being a part of the Cabanas family. It really has been home. Now I’m on my way out explore more of this country, delve into the rest of South America, and exercise my new language muscles every day.


Since only a few weeks ago, you can follow my adventures online, and soon will be able to read about thoughtful travel, sustainable food things, and living consciously on my spanking new baby of a blog at . Follow the antics on Instagram @normalityblues .



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Hola! We are Montanita Spanish School, we are surfing perfect waves, mastering Espanol, drinking cocktails down "cocktail alley", volunteering and partying until dawn at Cana Grill! Get inspired and live the montanita life!

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