Caimans, Waterfalls and Chocolate-making – Amazon adventures at its best

Our lodge in the Amazon

After arriving in The Amazon we got our breakfast in the Gaia Lodge and started our first activity. We went for a boat ride in the Amazon River where we got to see a lot of animals and activity of people. For example the Amazon River is full of gold and there are a lot of locals who are digging and searching for gold in the Amazon River. After an hour of boat ride we arrived at a spot where we could stop and have a swim in the Amazon.

Boat ride

It was a nice swim. At some point while swimming you’ll realize just how special the Amazon is. You’re swimming in a river that is located in a rain-forest that covers almost a quarter of the South American continent. Lovely. After our swim in the river we got back on the boat and drove back to the Gaia Lodge. While driving back we stopped at some point where we could watch different species of monkeys playing, climbing, relaxing and eating in the trees.

The second day started really early. We started a hike through the Amazon Jungle to go to a waterfall. The road to the waterfall was beautiful and scary at the same time. We saw insects we never knew they exist for example one that looked like a spider, cockroach and a grasshopper in one. The bats were flying during the day in 30 degrees sunny weather. After a long hike in hot weather we arrived at the beautiful waterfall where we had a nice swim to cool off. The water was cool and clear. We had the opportunity to stand on a mini cliff to jump into the deep water. The swimming gave us the energy to hike back to the Lodge again for our lunch.

Swimming in the Amazon river
Firsthand experience of the Amazon tubing!

After lunch we had a workshop how to make chocolate of the famous cacao beans of the Amazon. We started from scratch cooking, peeling and melting the cacao for a nice delicious hot chocolate. After the chocolate workshop we had a Ceramic workshop where we saw the most skillful potter of Ahuano making a ceramic pot. After the workshop we got a look inside the workplace of the potter where we saw all of her work. We were lucky to have the sun all day long, because in the nights it rained like crazy. Though the Amazon rain is amazing. Never thought I would ever say these words, but I loved the rain.

On our last day we visited a family in the Amazon where they taught us a lot about their history and customs. After that we made a self-brewed alcohol made of Yuca. The custom is that this alcoholic drink gets drunk by everybody at ceremonies, celebrations and weddings. After visiting the family we went to a reserve where we could see Caimans swimming in the water. Having the same similar look of a crocodile and an alligator the Caimans looked actually pretty cute becauIMG_6998se of their small size. You almost want to step in the water and have a swim with them.

Our last activity was visiting the animal rescue center of the Amazon where you can visit jaguars, ocelots. A lot of monkeys and parrots. Hearing about this visit, made us really excited first to see the animals. However when we arrived and heard the sad story about the animals why and how they were rescued, the excitement disappeared and made room for sadness. Just to hear about the fact that some of these animals can’t cope in nature anymore and have to spend the rest of their lives in these cages is really horrible.

This has been by far the best trip of my life. Just being in the jungle for 4 days and being surrounded by so many different animals has been a wonderful experience. This made me decide to visit the Amazon in Peru, Colombia and Brazil, too.

Great Amazon Squad!






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