More than a holiday – A once in a lifetime experience in Montañita

Ysé Martins, a unique student froppm Belgium spent 12 weeks with us here at Montañita Spanish School. She just finished high school and is now travelling for almost one year to learn Spanish and English. She is super excited about the trip and will tell us about her time in Montañita.

What was your intention to come to Montañita Spanish School?

I always wanted to learn Spanish! I found Ecuador and Montañita Spanish School by a travel agency. I chose to learn Spanish (actually just other languages but Spanish first) because I think it’s such a pretty and helpful language. I saw the offer of Spanish and Surf and I said why not? I stayed here for 3 months because I started to learn Spanish here and I wanted to leave with a little knowledge of it. ( I even think it worked 😉 )
So I found this perfect school in a little town with sun, friends, beach and surf. I think I got filled with a lot experiences.

How was life here in Montañita?

It was like being in paradise. I felt like home with the teachers, the staff, the students and the host family. All so nice. I arrived here and lived in Monañita Cabañas for 2 months. Where I had an amazing time, Jacuzzi Tuesday, the big eating-table, the rooms (dorms for me) even with the company of mosquitos. Just everything was so nice.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-09 at 12.43.52
Ysé and her host family

And then I moved to live in a family for my last month and it was awesome too! The kids were all really nice to me but so were the parents, I was well served in food (sometimes too well 😉 ). Far from the town so I could feel the tranquility.
My daily routine was simple here, at 8 or 10am class for 2 hours, then you go eat or cook with your friends. After lunch back to school for an other round of class from 1 to 3pm or 3 to 5pm. And in the pauses I would go to the beach, stay in the town or just hang out at the Cabañas. Then at night we had the parties, starting with a small game at the Cabañas, then heading to cocktail alley where we had an appointment with the fantastic Eugenio. After this we would go to Caña Grill or Lost Beach Club, really nice places to have fun. And the weekends were both, soft or hard, like doing 10 hours of bus to go to an other nice city of Ecuador, which is great or chilling days at the beach, surfing for a while.

What else do you want to mention about your time here?

It wouldn’t be fair to thank only the people from the school when they are so many other super locals. I met so many people during that stay and I think it’s the most important souvenir I can bring with me. I won’t forget any of those.
But anyway, thanks to MSS for succeeding at teaching me Spanish and making a lot of memories I’ll never forget.
The first part of my trip is already done and I haven’t seen the time flying so fast. Happy for the stay and sad to leave….


What do you take with you?

I would say experiences. A lot. Other cities-tours, barbecues, bonfires on the beach, cuba-libres, parties, Spanish classes for sure but not forget to mention surf, Spanish and friends.

What are you doing next?

Now I’m returning to Belgium to pass Christmas and New Year with my family. And after this, so the 9th of January I am heading to Canada, Whistler for an other 3 months. And finishing with South Africa, Capetown where I am volunteering. How awesome right?

Ciao Ysé! We will miss you!



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Hola! We are Montanita Spanish School, we are surfing perfect waves, mastering Espanol, drinking cocktails down "cocktail alley", volunteering and partying until dawn at Cana Grill! Get inspired and live the montanita life!

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