Time for some Xmas Fundrasing

Christmas is the time for presents, merrymaking and to give something back for the community. Montañita Spanish School organized a donation event to do something good for a poor school in a small village located 1 1/2 hours away from Montañita, far inland.

Two weeks ago we invited all the students to participate in a volleyball tournament for a little fee which we then donated to the school. We found a cozy place at the beach on the outskirts of Montañita. We had a volleyball field there, a bonfire and you could listen to the swoosh of the sea. It was amazing to see that nearly 30 people joined this donation event and that every single one of them have a heart for this community around Montañita.

From this money we bought some Christmas gifts for the children in school. The day before Christmas we went to this really small community far away from the next town surrounded by nothing than dry bushes and land. Cows and goats were running wild around the really poor houses. You could see that they deserve this donation more than anyone else. When we arrived there the children, parents and teachers were already waiting for us inside a small hall.

conga line dance

The children were all dressed up and did a little performance, danced and did a conga line for us. After the show the children received their presents. Toys, footballs, barbies and ornaments put a big smile on all their faces. We also shared a cake and soft drinks which completed this successful day.

This was a great way for our students to give back to the community that they are a part of, albeit even for a short time. A big Thanks to all the students who donated!

The children with their presents

The fact that we could donate so much and make so many children happy and the students gave with such a kind heart and helped contribute funds to the school make Montañita to a special place!

All the participants of that wonderful day

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