Ecuadorian delicacy in our school

The Montañita Spanish school offers more than just Spanish classes. It´s about getting to know the Ecuadorian culture, the people and the food!
Our teachers Ambar and Isabel took some time in the afternoon and showed some students how to make tasty Empanadas which are typical in South America!
Empanadas are stuffed pastry filled with cheese, meat, chicken or vegetables. You can find them everywhere in the streets all over South America. In every country they have their own way to make it and here in our school we learned how to prepare them in the Ecuadorian way.

Here is the recipe for you if you would like to give it a go yourself:

2 libras de harina*
1 royal* (una cucharadita pequena)
Mantequilla* (3 cucharadas)
Aceite* (un poco)
Sal al gusto
Agua tibia*

con queso y hierbas o carne molida

Forming the Empanadas

Form small round pieces in the size of a small plate and fill it, then carve it in. Close the edges and fry the Empanadas in a hot pan with oil or in the oven.
As you can see they are really easy to make and so delicious.
Enjoy it!

P1010301 (2)
So tasty these Empandas!

*harina -> flour
*royal -> baking powder
*mantequilla -> butter
*aceite -> oil
*tibia -> tepid



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