Meet our new intern Christian


Hi I’m Christian, the new surfing intern here at MSS! I’m from England, 19 years old and love to surf. From September to November I spent my time travelling the east coast of South Africa surfing all the best spots the country has to offer. Here I became a fully qualified instructor with the International Surfing Association. It was here that I heard of the school as a friend I met there had my job a while back and he got me excited to work for the school! I’ve also surfed in California and Hawaii as well as the south Coast of England. It’s my first time in South America let alone Ecuador and I’m hoping being at the school for the next three months will greatly improve my Spanish. When I’m not surfing in the day here I plan to party like the locals, something Montanita is almost famous for!!! I’m crazy for adventure so the option to surf, scuba, kite surf and explore the beautiful surroundings really draws me to MSS.

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A day in the life of a Montañita Spanish School student

Have you always been curious of how it would be to be a student at the Montañita Spanish School? Or you have been a student and want to re-live the experience, watch this video made by our lovely former student Marit.

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Con mucho amor,


Benefits of Traveling

Life mottoLife Motto 2life motto 3Life motto 4life motto 5Life motto 5

Traveling positively influences your life. Doing something different than your daily routine at home gives you the opportunity to not worry about the “issues” back home and it can give you a better view of who you are and what you want in life. Some people make life changing decisions during or directly after they went traveling.

Of course, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people also widens your perspective about life. It makes you able to see your own life from a different perspective and it makes you more aware of your own culture. If you have seen or experienced low standards of living, it will make you appreciate what you have at home even more.

In general, people that travel can adapt more easily to changing situations and have a natural ability of overcoming problems.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to see the wonders of the world. Undoubtedly, you will see breathtaking views. If you travel with someone else the bond that develops from this travel experience will never break. You will make unforgettable memories by discovering what this wonderfull world has to offer.

We asked our students what they like the most about traveling. These were their answers:

Time off from work’ – Jeff and Dave

Meeting new people & sharing my travel experience with someone, those are the best things about traveling’ – Tara

‘It educates you’ – Jordan

‘Conocer a culturas nuevas’ – Milena

‘See incredible things you even couldn’t imagine’ – Anna

So my advice to you all is, keep on traveling!

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Con mucho amor,


Love for the Montanita community

Hola amigos,

When operating a business it is important to consider how your business can positively influence its environment. We find it important to be an ethical supporter of the community and in the last weeks our activities in this field outside of the regularly  ‘volunteering programs’  have been:

1. Raising awareness of the importance of sterilization of dogs and cats for a ‘sterilization tour’ and volunteering on the day of the sterilizations

2. Teaching Ecuadorian children English

Sterilization Tour for dogs and cats

Once a year there is a churgical van going to some villages close to Montañita to get as many dogs and cats spayed as possible in order to prevent dogs and cats ending up on the street with nobody taking care of them. We thought this was a very good cause and therefore we wanted to help this organisation. We helped raising awareness in Montañita and Olón, so people would know this churgical van was coming to their town. Many students from the MSS were willing to contribute to this good cause. We flyered throughout whole Montañita and put up flyers everywhere.

raising awareness team meeting


On the day of the surgeries, we saw the owners  taking care of their dog or cat after the surgery. They had so much love for their pets, it was beautiful to see.

just after the surgery caring family

caring owner boy  taking care of cat

Teaching Ecuadorian children English

Another great event we had was teaching Ecuadorian children English. While walking on the streets creating awareness for the sterilization tour for dogs and cats, we met a great family. One of the daughters of this family, asked us if we spoke English. As one of the students said yes, the young girl ran into her house and came back with an English book. She really wanted to study some English with us! However, our duty of saving the cats and dogs wasn’t over yet, so we met her within the next days.

The mother and the young girl were very happy to hear that we wanted to teach them some English. Joyfully the mother asked if we could also teach Spanish to the cousin of the young girl. And of course we could do that!

Teaching kids english Teaching kids english

Our night started off with singing the alfabet, counting and reading several stories to the kids. I’ve never seen kids so happy to learn, as they tried to learn as quickly as possible. Now if you walk around in the part of Montañita where the locals live, you will find some kids that are able to do the following

  • Count to 100
  • Sing the alfabet
  • Introduce themselves (my name is .. , I am .. years old, I live in …).

It was a great night, with a very warm welcome from the family. Thank you so much Abbie and Phoebe to make this night possible! I think we really discovered that Montañita is more than just a surfers-town!

Teaching kids english Teaching kids english



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Vaca Loca in Montañita

Hola damas y caballeros,

Yesterday, 14/5/2015, Montañita celebrated both the founding of the town and one of its patron saints. This is celebrated over a four-day period and ends with the crazy celebration of La Vaca Loca (the crazy cow) and the putting on fire of a “castle”.

Things began on Saturday 9th of May when the town held a pageant contest to crown ‘The Queen of Montañita’. The party afterwards lasted all night right through until the early hours. The other days were full of partying and the Vaca Loca is the spectaculair ending of the festival. Check out our videos!

The pictures of the week starting on 4/5/2015 can be found here

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Cuenca weekend trip

Hola amigos,

Last Friday, the 1st of May, was a national holiday (día del trabajo) which meant the school was closed. Instead of having classes on Friday we packed our bags and took off with 15 people to the beautiful city of Cuenca. The journey by bus went well and at 3:15am we arrived safely at our destination. The Bauhouse hostel where we were staying was a very good hostel with spacious rooms and good breakfast.


The first activity on our program was to visit the largest Inca ruins of Ecuador. They are about 2 hours by bus from Cuenca. Unfortunately, there are only 2 busses going there each day and if we would take the one in the afternoon, we would have only 1 hour at Inga Pirca and then we would have not enough time to see everything. Therefore, we took the bus in the morning at 9:00am. This meant that only few hours after we finally could sleep, we already had to get up for our first activity. Luckily, Inga Pirca was worth giving up some hours of sleep for. It was very interesting to see how people used to live such a long time ago.

IMG_6942 IMG_6977

At night we had a nice dinner with the whole group at Cuchara. The menu offered all types of food, from traditional Ecuadorian food to pasta and a large steak with fries.


Saturday everyone could choose whether they wanted to stay in Cuenca or go to the Cajas National Park. The park has over 200 lakes and beautiful scenery. It’s a perfect place to go hiking. It was not possible to buy the bus tickets a day in advance as there were no busses going directly to the National park (well, there was 1 but it leaves everyday at 8:30am and we thought that was too early). So we went to the bus station with the expectation that we would be able to find a bus that still had some seats left, because in that case the bus companies allow you to travel shorter distances with them. Unfortunately, when we arrived we just missed a bus that left to Cajas that we could have taken. Then we tried to get some seats in other busses but without any success because they were all full. There was a man who was working at the bus station and he had all the information about when the busses were leaving and to where. He told us that in an hour, at 11:00am, another bus would leave which we could take. Of course, we thought that a guy getting paid for helping out travellers by giving them information about busses could be trusted. Just for some while, we trusted that the guy was right. Of course, in Ecuador things never really happen as you expect them to happen. So we waited for an hour and no bus arrived. After another 15 minutes the bus was still not there. At half past 11 the guy was still telling us that the bus could be there any moment. We started to doubt that because other people that did not work there told us the next bus to Las Cajas would be at 2:00pm. After waiting for two hours it was time to stop hoping a bus would still arrive. It would have been a waste of time if we would have waited there any longer, so we decided to do some sightseeing in Cuenca.

Feeling like über-tourists we took the sightseeing bus to see as much of Cuenca as possible. The bus took us among others to the ‘mirador Turi’ (viewpoint Turi). Cuenca is a city with many churches, museums, squares, colonial buildings and colourful markets. It is just great to just walk around the city and experience its vibe. We had a great time in Cuenca!

IMG_7039 IMG_7041

IMG_7053 IMG_7054

Some people of the group travelled back to Montañita on Sunday during the daytime. They arrived safely in Montañita at about 9:00 PM. The others wanted to take a night bus back, so that meant that we still had a whole day to enjoy. Gualaceo and Chordaleg are some villages close to Cuenca and are famous for their artisan markets. As you can never have too many souvenirs, we decided to visit these towns and to see what they had to offer. In Gualaceo we asked around for the markets but the locals could only send us to a food market, and in Chordaleg we found eventually an artisan market but it was a very small one. Despite the fact that we couldn’t find the artisan markets (or maybe they just don’t exist), we still had a very nice day.

All in all, we had an awesome weekend trip with lovely people! For the pictures of the Cuenca trip, click here. If you want to see the pictures of the rest of the week 27-5-2015, click here.

Hugs and kisses,


Consejos para aprender el Spanol

Hola Chicos,

This week we provide you with the best Spanish tips from our own Students. Learning a new language is part of an amazing cultural experience which offers you the chance to discover a new country (or even continent!), new people, new life lessons and especially a new view on your own language.

For example, some language have words that don’t exist in other languages, words that are part of a special culture and generate a feeling. In Spanish for example there is world called ‘friolero’.

Spanish word

Excited to learn more Spanish? Our Spanish students gave some great tips for everyone to learn more!

Speak to Children! Usually, in the beginning your Spanish level is similar to that of a child, making it easy to have a conversation!

Georgina from the UK 

When Georgina practiced her Spanish, she used to speak Spanish with children. One time though she discovered the honest character of children. “Watch out with the honesty of children, being an au-pair in a Spanish family, I learned how to understand the kids the best. Even when one of them whispered as I left I could understand her!”

Busca a un(a) chico/Chica latino/a     [ Search for a Spanish boy/girl friend!]


Our students take in general 4 hours of Spanish per day. What do you think of learning Spanish 27/4 with a new Ecuadorian love?

Estudiar Espanol en Montanita Spanish School

Abbie from the UK 

Great tip Abbie!

Talk all the time Spanish, talk with locals, listen to Ecuadorian Music and never speak English!

Julie , Mara, Verenicce and Kathrin!

Thank you guys for all your advice. Do you have better advice to learn Spanish? Share your idea and help everyone discover the world by learning a new language!

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Sammy Beau.